Alush Mullaj Et hem Bey Moskee Tirana Albaniekl

Alush Mullaj ‘Et’hem Bey Moskee’ in Tirana Albanie

Temporary address: paradise

Chris den Engelsman

in the shadow of the minaret
shows a loud honking square
us how a future
once looked and is

a cloud covered heaven moves
around bell tower and minaret
with love: building, destroyed, restored
closed in atheistic salvation

within, a haven of eternity
a small elegant red berry moment

a thick bespectacled bird of paradise
sells me his peace of heaven

outside is falling endlessly
in dusty rays through the glass

Rene Magritte vogel lucht

Rene Magritte ‘Vogellucht’ (?)

‘La Chemise Imprimée Exclusive’

Chris den Engelsman

looking at the blue flamingos in the mirror
of the fitting room fashion court
with a torso of meat and a head of chalk
waiting until the lush red curtain opens

the game of flattery and seduction begins in the foreground
familiar objects appear pipe, rattle and bowler
a blue turtle moves slowly through the thick air
a candle spreading darkness reveals the phenomena

the birdleave cherish his tormentor to the hole
one time his chest, the closed door reveals a
formless night of complete darkness

along a discrete starry sky the
blue turtle returns in a warm white light

in our thinking we lose much knowledge

Tinquely06 Strawinsky-fontein

‘Stravinsky fontein’ Jean Tinquely en Nikki de Saint Palle

Homo Ludens

Chris den Engelsman

animal wild child fool seer player beyond severity
where the connected mind creates his own world
where the things have a different face
a Cyclops is reflected between four old oak

laughs and dreams dresses us in the magic shirt
of our childhood the game of the kinetic machines
the miracle of motion the festive intoxication
ecstasy all in an atmosphere of mutual delight

an old magician sings us out of the swamp earth and
water the mystery unfolds in game and is game
the answer is not given or found but obtained

outside the sphere of usefulness and necessity beyond
reason and practical life in the magic circle of four hundred
tons of iron creation is a play of serious labor

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