My name is Chris den Engelsman. I was born and raised in Zeeland (a southern coastal province of the Netherlands) and I have been living in the beautiful province of Utrecht for the last thirty years. My career has led me from humble beginnings as a young apprentice at the department of General and Legal affairs of the municipality of Domburg to positions involving a wide range of policies, including Social Affairs, Welfare, Spatial Planning, Water, Culture, Environment, Licencing, Enforcement and Drinking Water Supply. I currently work as a project leader and coordinator for the provincial government, focusing on Leisure and Cultural History. My LinkedIn profile provides a comprehensive overview of my career to date.

Luckily, a life story consists of much more than just a person’s career. From a young age, art and literature have been a source of inspiration for me. Until this day I continue to enjoy exploring both the theoretical backgrounds as well as the actual creation of art and literature.  This website displays but a few examples of these expressions.

At the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht, I specialised in painting, drawing and engraving and completed a degree as Visual Art and Design Teacher. I thoroughly enjoy teaching both children and adults in this regard.

In recent years, travelling has become more of a focal point, recording my experiences in both words and images. I am also a very proud father to two adult daughters. Together with beloved Suweera I live in the beautiful city of Utrecht.

This website serves as a means to introduce myself. If you would like to respond or interact, please do not hesitate to contact me.